Paul Jennings’ career began with a technical and engineering background that includes working in aerospace at Lockheed’s famed “Skunk Works.” By 1984, Paul transitioned to the telecommunications industry during its early deregulating period. Over the next 30 years, Paul created several companies—including a company known as Public Communications Services, which became the third largest provider of inmate telephone services to correctional facilities nationwide.

In the midst of Paul’s telecommunication career, an opportunity arose to enter into the real estate market, and in 1995, at the bottom of California’s worst recession, Paul created a construction, property management, and development company that built, managed, and owned a portfolio of more than 4,000 apartment units. After successfully disposing of most of these assets by 2006, Paul transitioned into the residential market and was well-positioned by 2010 to capitalize on the residential market downturn, during which time he built a significant residential housing and home site real estate portfolio.

Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing in 1985 from Northridge California State University. He is a board member of Park Century School and several other educational institutions. A resident of Los Angeles, California, Paul is married and has three children.