Paul’s vision of being an entrepreneur is based on a couple simple beliefs.

Where there is change or disaster, there is also opportunity.

Additionally, creating a business is like a soufflé: you have to put in the right ingredients in the right sequence. You must have the right business environment and understand the timing to gain momentum. Like a soufflé, if it does not rise in the oven it will never rise. For business, if momentum cannot be created early on in a company’s startup process, then it will never be a great business. Understanding this principle has allowed Paul to fund smaller companies through an innate sense of when to continue to invest and when to pull back.

In the technology world, the rule is that technology changes and evolves, creating a relentless environment where only the paranoid survive.

Real estate, on the other hand, is one of the few stable business opportunities. Its simplicity can be seen in four walls, a roof, and a floor that have been and will remain a core element of the human experience. Complementary to the risks associated with technology investments, the stable class of real estate provides a great balance as well as many tax advantages.

The real estate sector takes on a much different business dynamic than the technology sector. Real estate is about the macro-economy and understanding what has been a consistent historical process; real estate goes up, real estate goes down. And real estate will rebound and go up once again. The hardest part of this cycle is in being the contrarian who takes the risk on the front end but is disciplined to get out when everyone else is insistent that the market will continue to go up forever.

Paul has the strong belief that luck is defined by taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to you. The key to success is taking advantage of opportunities and capitalizing on them, or as the saying goes, “Making your own luck.”